LCRD is a part of the Space Test Program 3 mission on a U.S. Air Force spacecraft and will exhibit this technology from geosynchronous high earth orbit (22,000 miles above Earth’s surface) and the mission will take flight in 2021.

This mission utilizes lasers to encode and transmit data enabling much faster communications. For example, in order to transmit a map of Mars to Earth it could take around 9 years using radio but with laser communications it could potentially take as little time as 9 weeks. 

X3M Impact

X3M (Extreme) makes an impact by leading the IT on this project in both the Integration & Testing (I&T) of the payload and the ground system development. This requires the design and build of the VMware based system used to support the payload. As the project moves to launch, final tests will be conducted to ensure that LCRD is safely incapsulated for launch.

We build, configure, and maintain multiple virtualized computing environments across different security levels (including Hypervisors, Storage Arrays, vCenter, backup software, etc.), creating virtual machines, and applying baselines. X3M ensures compliance with NASA security requirements on both the Flight Projects Directorate (FPD) and other sensitive networks.

Additionally, we provide direct support to the NASA financial team, assisting in budget preparation, funds establishment, tracking, workforce planning and reporting.

Technical capabilities include: network design and architecture, project management, ground system development and design.