Twice daily, the JPSS Satellites deliver global observations on major weather events, giving days in advance of incoming weather disasters such as droughts, forest fires, tornadoes, hurricanes and blizzards. JPSS will continue to offer key insights into the world’s weather and is set to provide observations of Earth’s atmosphere, oceans and land through 2038. The JPSS satellites include:

  • Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership (Suomi NPP) that launched in October 2011.
  • NOAA-20 (formerly JPSS-1) that launched in November 18.
  • JPSS-2 that is scheduled to launch in 2021.
  • JPSS-3 that is scheduled to launch in 2026.
  • JPSS-4 that is scheduled to launch in 2031.

X3M Impact

X3M (Extreme) manages the people, processes and activities associated with ensuring the overall success of IT systems and service delivery. While offering IT decision authority to ensure compliance with the NASA & NOAA IT Policy and Procedures. Responsible for IT Operations, End User support, IT Architecture and Application development, the team is focused on Program, Flight and Ground project IT requirements securing a successful JPSS Mission.

X3Mers also leads the IT tier 3 team, processes and activities associated with ensuring compliance and stability of IT systems and applications. Applies patches, perform upgrades, oversees enhancements to hardware and applications.

We provide direct support in resource analysis, providing funds establishment, tracking, reporting and closeout of the direct and reimbursable funding. Our efforts include tracking of project labor charges, travel funds, workforce planning and other resource support activities.

On the JPSS Ground System we provide support in development, status and control of project schedules. Developing logic networks and estimate activity durations, analyzing activity sequencing and identifying resource requirements.

Technical capabilities include: IT operations, compliance support.