JWST, the next premier space observatory, harnesses innovative technologies like the unique design for the primary mirror that is made up of 18 separate segments that will unfold and adjust in space. By using infrared wavelengths to view the universe, astronomers will be able to see farther and study the very first galaxies and stars that formed after the Big Bang.

NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Facility is managing the development efforts but it is also an international collaboration between the European Space Agency (ESA), and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) with the main industrial partner being Northrop Grumman. JWST is set to launch in October of 2021.

X3M Impact

X3M (Extreme) contributes to the mission in a multitude of functional roles in the areas of Configuration Management, Scheduling Management, Resource Analyst Support and Strategic Communications. For both hardware and virtual Configuration Management, X3M has worked on the mission from both the beginning and end stages of the lifecycle, ensuring that the correct project procedures are developed and followed.

Our team directly impacts the critical role of planning, developing, monitoring and controlling the Integrated Master Schedules of JWST. We also contribute in the role of Financial and Resource Analysis, X3M provides direct support to customer financial teams with budget preparation, funds establishment, tracking and reporting.

X3M provides media communications support for the JWST program ensuring the mission message is delivered accurately and quickly to the public on a multitude of different social platforms while working directly with both domestic and international media. This includes providing public affairs outreach, and science and technical writing. 

Technical capabilities include: Configuration Management, Scheduling Management, Strategic Communications, Financial and Resource Analyst Support.